Fashion tape is a thing of the past


If clothes aren't going to be made for EVERY body shape, then let's make them fit as well as we can.

CLUTCH Glue is a water-soluble clothing adhesive that applies directly to your skin then washes right out when you're done. Our formula is vegan and cruelty free and our packaging is 100% recyclable and made of recycled plastics, making it better for the planet too.

Apply clutch glue to your skin, then place your clothes on top for a strong hold as long as you need, then comes out in the wash. Use on low cut tops and dresses to stop wardrobe malfunctions.


STEP 1: Apply CLUTCH - sparingly for thin fabrics and thicker for thick fabrics - to the skin where you need your clothes to stick and wait around 30 seconds until the glue is tacky.

STEP 2: Gently press your clothes onto the glued area and minimise movement for at least 10 minutes. CLUTCH needs time to set and gets stronger the more time you leave it.